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Athletes in Action Canada is dedicated to developing the total athlete. Through the integration of faith, life, and sport, we aim to see athletes engage with the Christian faith in Canada and around the world. Sport has the power to unite cultures, transcend values, and defy conventions. When words fail, a game can speak.


The large number of children living on the streets in Tarija and other Bolivian cities is on the rise. The Candelero Street Kids Ministry has rented a building and opens each day for children to come and have a safe place to do their homework, have bible lessons, have a large, healthy meal and receive counselling from the staff. In addition to the drop-in center, Candelero Boys’ Home is open to boys who have been abandoned or have left their families out of desperation to escape poverty. It is a residential home outside of Tarija.

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The Evangelical Free Church of Canada is an association of autonomous churches united in a common commitment to God’s evangel–the gospel of Jesus Christ, who died and rose again to give us eternal life. To God’s glory, the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes. Our essential theological convictions are vitally connected to this gospel.


Our Vision
A world where translated Scriptures lead to transformed lives among people of all languages.

Our Mission
Ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God’s Word among minority language communities worldwide.

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Hear Africa Foundation is a volunteer-run organization working to create sustainable solutions to the issues of poverty, social support, health care, education and infrastructure development in Zimbabwe. Our mission is to facilitate a practical response to these matters while paying special heed to the cultural context and the sensitivities of Zimbabweans.

Our mission includes raising financial support in Canada while working with the people of Zimbabwe to ascertain and respond to specific humanitarian needs, with the long-term view of developing local sustainability. We believe that relief of poverty will occur with sustainable and humanitarian infrastructure investments, such as repairs to schools or provision of agriculture products.


We’re just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God.

Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities until Jesus comes again.

World Team is an interdenominational mission agency with sending centers in Australia, Canada and the US. Our 350+ members serve in 28 countries among 59 distinct people groups.

Our strategy is to focus on those areas with the least access to a culturally-relevant gospel witness. We are committed to the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the communities where we serve, and include business and community development efforts as part of our overall church planting ministry where needed.

Our passion is to see new believers discipled and brought together in community; to develop and release leaders to lead those communities, and to see those communities multiply throughout their region and the world. Simply put, to see church multiplication become the norm so that whole societies and cultures are transformed by the gospel.

One of our greatest joys has been providing assistance to newly forming missionary sending organizations in the Caribbean, Romania, Indonesia, Africa, France and the Philippines.



Young Life is a Christian mission loving teens in their world encouraging them to know Jesus Christ.
Take a moment to learn more about Young Life, where we come from, what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

What We Do
Since Young Life of Canada began in 1954, staff and volunteers have been leaving their adult “comfort zone” to meet teens on “their turf”. You will find Young Life leaders wherever kids are found… cheering in the stands at a hockey game, encouraging them in school activities, or hanging out at the nearest coffee shop or skate park . Young Life communities strive to create meaningful, mentoring relationships between leaders and teens and to create spaces where teens are listened to, and where questions of life and faith can be discussed.



Camp Luther exists to provide a

safe and fun camp environment where

campers can experience and learn

about God's love in a real way.

Originally founded by members of several lower mainland Lutheran Congregations as a Summer Bible Camp for youth and families, Camp Luther has been a great summer tradition for over 250,000 individuals and families across the Fraser Valley. Throughout the past 71 years of ministry, Camp Luther staff have witnessed countless examples of how summer camp changes lives. It's what inspires our Society members, the Board and our management team to keep serving God through this ministry. Although membership in the Camp Luther Association was originally limited to Lutheran Church members, all denominational lines have completely faded over the years. As the impact of the camp experience has widened, so also changes were made to the bylaws in order to welcome all Christians who value the power of camp as Society members. Operating as a non-profit Society, Camp Luther is a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency, fully accredited by the B.C. Camping Association and is also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Camps. 

Since they opened their doors in 1950, Camp Luther has been a thriving camp where real relationships are formed through real love that will follow their campers into real life.



A place of Healing, Growth and Transformation for Men and Women on the road to recovery.

Addiction causes pain and isolation. Recovery is a courageous undertaking that requires hope and community. Successful recovery support addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each unique individual. At Wagner Hills, we believe there is hope for every person and we want to be part of your journey.


1.6 million seafarers work in the world's international merchant fleet. They are lonely people who leave family for months at a time.

They love, hurt and worry just like you and me. When problems or tragedies arise at home, they are helpless to do anything.

Port of Hope Ministries is committed to bringing comfort, encouragement, Godly counsel and the Word of God to these crew crew at a crewman at a time.

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