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If you are looking for a way to learn more about our church, there are many ways that you can connect with us. Potlucks, breakfasts or barbeques. Family events and group activities. Grab a coffee with pastors or other leaders. We have a women’s group (WOW) that meets on Wednesdays, a men’s group (GRUNTS) built around helping serve the community, and group activities spread throughout the year. 



We know that serving with others is a great way to connect with others! It’s a value of ours to serve the community around us, whether that’s helping the local food bank, connecting with recently immigrated families to Canada, lending support to global needs, or responding to the needs and requests of neighbours as they arise. Within the church, none of our ministries or activities would happen without people with a heart and passion to bake, teach, play an instrument, listen, clean, or otherwise serve.


If you want to learn more about connecting or serving with us, you can fill out a contact form on the main page, or stop by the church for a chat!  

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